About Us

About Us

CLOVIS ENTERPRISES: – Designer, Manufacturer & Exporters!

CLOVIS Enterprises is a leading Designer, Manufacturer & Exporter of wide range of Boxing, Fitness, Martial Art, Kimonos, MMA, Weight Lifting, Sports Wear, Fitness Wear, Gloves, Sports gear and equipment Fabric and Leather products. We can make all kind of custom design products up to required material, color, size or specification demanding through ideas, designs, prototypes, patterns or images.

CLOVIS Enterprises is a youthful and dynamic company which in a few short years has set the standard within the industry with the experience and professionalism of its management and production team. The blend of our profound experience and the hard work of our team had enabled us to explore new heights of industry. We took steps to ensure the long term success in the industry and invested time and money into the development of new products.

CLOVIS Enterprises is a consumer driven, design oriented and an Innovative Company, aiming to work with coherence of renowned global Brands, organizations and entrepreneurs, translating marketing and business goals into design strategy, novelty and to attain a new product success. We are passionate about sourcing the most unique, desirable, high quality and technologically advanced products for the market. Careful selection of materials and techniques allows the development of the most imaginative and innovative.

CLOVIS Enterprises gained greater customer’s affection through the years and as a result, its average manufacturing & exports increases every year. The heart of our success lies in timely deliveries and quality. Excellency, Competitive Pricing, Best Quality, Prompt Delivery are our common factors. Innovation, maintained Quality and attention to detail have always been and continue to be the essence of what we do.  Your ideas have helped us to innovate and develop new and better products.

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